Casa Delícia - More Than a Century of Activity


Where is today deployed the building with Number of 738 of Street Dr. Abilio Torres (north street corner of Av Volunteer Fire Department / Street Dr. Abilio Torres) existed previously, another more modest building, where he ran the first store sale to the public. In the rear was a shack oven.

Joaquina da Silva Pedrosa ordered the construction current building of the CASA DO PÃO DE LÓ DELÍCIA and then moved to the activity confectionery around the year 1912.

Uninterruptedly, 4 generations have the testimony DELÍCIA from parents to children.

A past with prestige.
A gift with identity.
A promising future.






Rua Dr Abílio Torres, 465
4815-552 Caldas de Vizela


Ph. 253 481 269   F. 253 481 269