1 - In 1884, he attended the Industrial Exhibition District Council Guimarães.

2 - In 1923, Joaquim Ribeiro Ferreira, led him to the Industrial Exhibition Agricula District Council Guimarães, where he received
an honorable mention.

3 - On December 11, 1986, the Manager of EDICOIN, certifies that the CASA DO PÃO DE LÓ DELÍCIA awarded the trophy tradition and prestige of Portugal 1986.

4 - In March 1994, the Chairman of the Publications of International Trade, S, A. (EDICOIN) certifies that the CASA PÃO DE LÓ DELÍCIA has been awarded the grand prize of best international image 1994 by renowned and commercial image.

5 - On 28 October 2000 the President of Publications International Trade, SA certifies that the CASA DO PÃO LÓ DELÍCIA has been awarded the leader of the good service 2000 as recognition of his entrepreneurial path prize.

6 - On 2 October 2004, awarded the INTERNATIONAL TROPHY FOR QUALITY GOLD STAR for their excellent quality and prestige.


Trophy Tradition and Prestige Portugal 1986
International Grand Prize
for Best Image in 1994

Award leader of good
service in 2000

Trophy International
Gold Star for Quality



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4815-552 Caldas de Vizela


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